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fbpoliticsMy children first introduced me to Facebook in December of 2009 as a place to find old friends and possibly family. It was a time in my life when I needed something new and exciting as I did not get out much so this really filled a void.

What an exciting new world; I got to see pictures of people I thought I’d never see again. Some had children, some went back to school, some lived all over the world and some had even passed. What a quick way to get caught up with everyone I grew up with. I was hooked.

fbpolitics2Like anything else in this world; things change. Over time Facebook has become a Political Forum for so many that is has become difficult to enjoy. Especially during this past Election year; people were relentless. People were posting with such passion that they must have really thought their posts would actually sway some voters; that is a disgrace. If you are that unsure of who to vote for that you cast your vote because of what a “friend” on Facebook says then you really need to look in the mirror. Do a little reading, watch news from both sides, surf the NET and finally be a leader not a follower. Vote from your heart.

With the recent horrific happenings in Newtown, CT., the latest debates have been over Gun Control and our Second Amendment to the Constitution (the right to bear arms). Personally, I hate guns. I never owned one, never been hunting and just don’t get it. Having said that, I do believe that as an American you do and should have the right to bear arms. I do feel though that there needs to be a line drawn in the sand as well. Why do some people need an arsenal in their home? Why do they need semi-automatic weapons? True, people kill people not guns. BUT people kill people much quicker and with great ease as seen in the latest mass murder. There will always be some nut going on shooting sprees but the key is to minimize the damage. Limit the number of weapons per person. If Adam Lanza didn’t have access to these types of weapons these children (some if not most) would still be alive. Period. Not sure what the debate is. Why is this so difficult?

Start with eliminating semi-automatic guns. When has a person protected their family with this gun? How many deer do you need to kill at once? Seriously. Keep the laws but make changes to them. I am sure in 1791 when it was adopted they weren’t thinking of shooting sprees some 220 years later in an elementary school. Time to make a change.

I am no lawyer but this is common sense. You can’t stop the violence but you can minimize the damage.

I am sure people will keep pushing their political (and sometimes religious) views on Facebook and over time you willfbpolitics3 notice me no longer being your friend. I am trying to keep Facebook as the place to share good times and some slightly bad times (some things are just not meant to be on FB). I will continue to share music and sports and photos from events and places I visit. After all, I met my beautiful wife on Facebook!

Just my two cents.


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When all else fails, READ.

April 25, 2012 1 comment

All too often we jump on the bandwagon of who or what is most popular when it comes to daily local or even global issues.  Especially in the Social Media era we are in, you see people just throwing out random rants about the days events whether it is about Politics, Religion or even Sports.  I definitely do not chime in on the first two and have even backed off on the latter. Reason being I simply do not follow it enough any more to have an educated opinion. Sure, once in a while I will blast a particular person about a particular team but it is really just sports after all; isn’t it?

I really started noticing well over a year ago on Facebook the rants gaining steam from people of all walks of life.  It was mostly politics and war and some racist stuff that will automatically get you “UN-friended” very quickly; or at least hidden until I am over it (love the power).  I found myself thinking that I really wish I had a better understanding of what some people were posting instead of just hitting the LIKE button and watching everyone post crap like, “you are SO right” or “damn, you nailed it” when they really have no clue and are just playing favorites. Be a leader not a follower  The only way to really have a better understanding of these topics is to read. Simple. I utilize any down time I have and educate myself on topics that people rant about so I can have and educated discussion about it (if I choose to do so) instead of adding one-liners and likes on FB.  My morning bus commute to NYC is now a journey to some of  the worlds most ferocious battlefields or in the White House during some of  histories biggest and world changing debates. Next thing you know I am in Port Authority ready to walk the streets of NYC and start my work day. Some very basic examples of these rants I speak of are our current and previous Presidents. Instead of chiming in on Obama and/or Bush bashing, why not read about what they both inherited and how they handle/handled it without the networks or papers leaning to one side or another with their BS opinions. I choose books that give unbiased opinions, fact-based.  I close the completed book feeling educated and satisfied. The only real reading I did in the first 40+ years of my life was the Sports page in the newspaper or school books that I had to read. This is a whole new world.

Other than Obama Wars and Bush Wars books, some good reads have been The Secret History of the CIA (what an eye-opener).  Killing Lincoln was a good short read but I have always been an honest Abe fan and even more so now. Books on FDR &  Eisenhower, powerful leaders. Any Martin Luther King Jr. book is enjoyable; talk about leadership, courage and strength.  Personally recommend To the Mountaintop. Currently smack in the middle of The Second World War and it is amazing. Plenty of books on deck!

So if you get anything out of this at all, hopefully it is not “think before you speak” it is “READ before you speak.” Certainly not an expert by any means but enjoying it thoroughly.

Just my two cents.

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Online Learning

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I have recently enrolled in the University of San Francisco Online Internet Marketing Master Certification Program and I must say it is more challenging than I had expected. The first challenge is no structure. I am finding it difficult to stick to a schedule whereas when you have an actual class to go to on a specific night at a specific time; there are no exuses. Online I find myself saying later or tomorrow and before you know it you are behind. Another challenge is watching video and taking notes without the ability to stop and ask questions. Sure, you can pause and rewind and listen again but chances are if you did not get the first time you won’t get it the next. One more challenge are the tests. They are worded to really confuse you and once you submit your results you are done.

The books and CD’s that came with the class are sufficient. The CD’s are really just screen prints of teh video presentations with lines next to them for note taking. This works but for the cost of the program I would have much preferred some additional resources like the actual books they tell you to read.

Having said all this, I am enjoying it thoroughly. I have completed the Integrated Online Strategies sections (two months) of a six month program. Once completed I am going for my Google Certification (six months). I am also preparing for the WAA (Web Analytics Association) Certification.











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